Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast Nail Polish Collection

Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast Nail Polish Collection

Looking for my Beauty and the Beast inspired nail art? Check out my recent post!

I was recently contacted by Preen.Me to swatch and review the new Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast Spring 2017 collection, which I'm very excited about! Of all the Disney movies I watched growing up, Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite. This collection is based on the upcoming live action version, which I'm excited to see as well, even though as an adult, the whole premise is a bit creepy... but nail polish, right?! Check out the trailer if you haven't seen it already. 

About the collection, from Morgan Taylor:

The Beauty and the Beast collection features dreamy shades of red pearls, sweet pinks and baby blue crèmes including: The Last Petal, Be Our Guest, Plumette With Excitement, Gaston And On And On, Days In The Sun, and Pots Of Tea. Plus, Enchanted Patina, a magical nail coat that can be worn alone or over any nail lacquer, giving it a beautifully bronzed antique appearance.

I received these products compliments of Morgan Taylor as part of the #PreenMeVIP program. This post reflects my honest opinions and is based on actual product use. You can also see my swatches on Preen.Me.

I have swatches of each shade, with and without the Enchanted Patina topcoat. I also have another post sharing my enchanted rose nail art. Let's take a look!

Potts of Tea

3 coats + topcoat

Potts of Tea is a nearly white creme with a super subtle pink shimmer. Formula was a bit sheer and streaky, but not bad for a white with shimmer. Very soft and clean, but the shimmer is more evident in the bottle.


Potts of Tea + 1 coat of Enchanted Patina

I wasn't a fan of this shade with the topcoat. Against my skin tone it just looks kind of blah. 


Days in the Sun

3 coats + topcoat

Days in the Sun is a pale yellow creme with a subtle pink shimmer. Formula was streaky, but that’s not unusual for a yellow. At first this reminded me a lot of an older Orly called Melodious Utopia, but the Orly is more sheer and slightly brighter. 


Days in the Sun + 1 coat of Enchanted Patina

Again, not a fan of this combination.


Gaston and On and On

2 thick coats + topcoat

Gaston and On and On is a sky blue creme. Two thick coats gave me full coverage, but next time I would do 3 thinner coats for a more even finish.


Gaston and On and On + 1 coat of Enchanted Patina

Yet again... not a fan. I will say the patina topcoat transforms each shade more than I expected, but I personally don't care for it over the lighter shades.


Plumette with Excitement

3 coats + topcoat

Plumette with Excitement is a baby pink creme. The formula was a little streaky, but topcoat evened everything out nicely. I love these pale, clean shades, especially for spring.


Plumette with Excitement + 1 coat of Enchanted Patina

This was an interesting combo. Not something I would personally wear, but it ended up sort of a metallic nude, which I don't think I've really seen.


Be Our Guest

2 coats + topcoat

Be Our Guest is a medium pink crème, with a slightly crelly finish. The formula on this is fantastic! Very creamy with an almost plasticized, super shiny finish. Love this one.


Be Our Guest + 1 coat of Enchanted Patina

I don't hate this. It feels like a vintage shade. Sort of a frosty mauve. 


The Last Petal

1 COAT + topcoat

My personal favorite from the collection! The Last Petal is a reddish berry shade glowing with shimmer. THIS IS 1 COAT! Just one, super easy, practically painted itself coat. This shade is so rich... not typical for spring, but really beautiful.


The Last Petal + 1 coat of Enchanted Patina

Eh, not bad. I think the patina topcoat just isn't for me. The formula is good and it has great coverage for a "transforming" topcoat, it's just not my personal taste. This shot includes a peek at some nail art I created using a decal from Born Pretty Store.


Bonus nail art! 

Not that this took much effort from me, but I thought it coordinated well. The base is 1 coat of The Last Petal plus 1 coat of Enchanted Patina on three nails. The accent nail features gold rose decal stickers from Born Pretty Store. Check out my other post to see my hand-painted enchanted rose nail art

What do you think of these shades? The Last Petal and Be Our Guest are easily my favorites. Not only are those colors beautiful, but the formula on those two is excellent.

You can pick up your set at the Morgan Taylor website, Ulta, or other cosmetic retailers. 

Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast Nail Art

Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast Nail Art

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