Nail Social Nail Brand "So Delicious" Swatches & Review

Nail Social Nail Brand "So Delicious" Swatches & Review

Nail Social Nail Brand is a new-to-me indie brand based in Detroit. Tasia, the owner, reached out to me to swatch her new collection, and I was very impressed with these fun, vibrant polishes! Lets take a look.

  • COLLECTION INFO: The "So Delicious" collection for spring is ice cream-inspired. What's not to love?
  • WHERE TO BUY: These polishes will be listed at $8 each and are on starting 3/24/18.

All photos in this post are taken under artificial light, with the exception of a few which I will note. All are topped with Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat. These polishes were provided for my honest review.

Mermaid Sorbet

Maker description: a white shifting polish, with shimmer shifting from green, to purple, to blue at different angles. Great solo or worn on top of a dark color. 

3 coats + topcoat

My thoughts: This is such a unique, dreamy polish! I was skeptical that this could be worn alone but had to find out, and I actually love the way it looks in three coats. Good formula, especially for something so light. I had good coverage in three coats, but still slight VNL. I personally don't mind VNL with this type of ethereal polish. Depending on the lighting I wrote both "ghostly" and "alien" in my notes, which is kind of amazing.

Mermaid Sorbet - Direct Light


Mermaid Sorbet - Lightbox

You really see the subtle, shifty glow much better under this lighting. This is more true to what I saw wearing this polish around the house.

Passion Fruit

Maker description: a fuchsia pink polish with a blue shimmer through out the polish.

2 coats + topcoat

My thoughts: This is my favorite shade of the bunch! It has an excellent, silky formula and a juicy, glowing look on the nail. It's even more beautiful in real life. I'll be sharing a boomerang on my IG so you can see it in action. I did have a couple tiny pigment specs that weren't fully mixed in, but an extra shake of the bottle got rid of them.

The first photo below was taken in sunlight to show the subtle glow as it looks in most normal lighting. The rest are under direct artificial light.

Tiffany's Cheesecake

Maker description: an aqua blue metallic glitter blend polish. 

3 coats + topcoat (sort of... 1 coat painted + 1 coat sponged + 1 coat painted + TC)

My thoughts: Ahh, this polish. I loved the color and overall shine on my nails in person, but it just didn't translate well in photos. I'll share a boomerang of this on IG as well since it really looks best in person, as it would in real life when you're moving around. I'm glad I tried this as a full coverage, but I'd recommend using it as a topper instead (see last photo). Even with sponging and lots of liquid latex, I still couldn't get the edges as perfect as I prefer.

The first two photos are in sunlight and the rest are under artificial light. The last photo shows one coat over a pink holo.

Matcha Ice

Maker description: a bright green flake polish that has yellow gold reflection. 

3 coats + topcoat

My thoughts: If you've ever wanted your nails to look like Nickelodeon slime, this is the polish for you. It's super bright and packed with tons of shimmer. This isn't a shade of green I'd personally reach for, but I have to admit, it would be hard not to smile seeing this on your fingertips. Good formula as well.

To recap, you can buy these spring polishes and more from Nail Social in their Etsy shop: are on

Thanks for reading!

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