Lacquester Mortal Coil - Swatches & Review

Lacquester Mortal Coil - Swatches & Review

*UPDATE - 12/8/17*

I have GREAT NEWS for those wanting to get their hands on Mortal Coil! It's being restocked on the Color4Nails website TODAY, Friday Dec. 8, 2017, at 10am PST. Several other Lacquester shades are also being restocked, including two new C4N exclusive shades. Grab them while you can!

Today I have just one, beautiful, shifty polish to share with you. I don't typically write a whole post just for one shade, but trust me, this beauty deserves it! Since we're heading toward fall (too soon?), and an upcoming US restock, this seemed like the perfect time to review this polish.

A Little Backstory

Caroline, the maker behind Lacquester, first teased Mortal Coil back in January of this year, and ever since it released, her fans just can't get enough of this vampy, shifting shade. The polish was inspired by the song "This Mortal Coil" by The Cocteau Twins. You can check out the video here. I had never heard this song before, but it's really moody and I love it a lot. I totally see where the dark, shifting polish came from.

Caroline was sweet enough to send me Mortal Coil along with a recent replacement polish. That's one of many reasons I've come to love Lacquester - the polishes are amazing, but Caroline, even more so! One of her past shades, "Don't Be Shy", faded a bit, and the moment she found out, she quickly set about correcting the issue by sending everyone replacements. She went above and beyond by sending me Mortal Coil as a thank you for my patience, which was totally unnecessary, but very much appreciated.


From the Lacquester website: "Mortal Coil is a dusty blue based polish that has multichrome color shifting pigments that shift from red, to gold, orange and green. It also had tiny holographic glitter. Together they form a polish that is like having the universe on your nails. You will not stop moving your hands to catch all the shifts!"

That pretty much says it all, so now let's get into the photos! I'm wearing 3 coats + Glisten & Glow Topcoat in all photos. 

Formula & Removal

I found the formula easy to work with, especially for a shade packed with so much shimmer and added glitter. It did require three coats for me, but it's totally worth it for the depth you get in the end. Your first coat will be sheer, but just keep building! Removal was also easy with pure acetone - a pleasant surprise due to the glitter. Overall, no complaints.

As you can see, depending on the angle, the color shift changes dramatically. I was constantly admiring my nails while I wore this! The photo below shows the polish from slightly different angles side-by-side so you can really see the shift.

Lacquester "Mortal Coil" - just look at that shift!

Lacquester "Mortal Coil" - just look at that shift!

Last but not least, I have to include a macro shot. Not only does it show off the shimmer, but you get a better look at the glitter throughout this polish that gives it extra sparkle.


Do you love this beautiful polish as much as I do? If so, you have two options to purchase:

International & U.S. (Please read all details below)

You can order it straight from the Lacquester website now (just be sure to check the shipping info since the shop is based in the Netherlands). Typically, Lacquester doesn't ship to the US from their shop, BUT they will right now if you combine it with at least one HHC custom polish.

New to HHC? Join the HHC (Hella Holo Customs) Facebook group for more details. You must be a member of that group to order HHC customs. There are three customs from Lacquester and they're gorgeous! The HHC shades are only available til September 5th at 11:59pm HST.

U.S. Stockist

If you're US-based and have more patience, you can order from Color4Nails (USA stockist) soon. Restock for this and other shades is to be determined, but it's looking like September. I'll update when I know more details, but I recommend joining the Lacquester Facebook group in the meantime for timely updates and more polishes to drool over. 

Thanks for reading!

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